Stanley Marketplace – Denver Metro’s Most Anticipated Opening!

stanley marketplace

If you reside in or around Aurora, then you may have heard the buzz about the Stanley Marketplace. Here's the full scoop (courtesy of the Denver Business Journal).


The Stanley Aviation Building

Built in 1954, the Stanley Aviation building was apart of the Stapleton Airport (located at 2501 Dallas Street). It was once home to airplane ejector seats and various other equipment. For decades this Aurora structure has sat abandoned while the bordering neighborhood, Stapleton, exploded in popularity.


The Metro's Hottest Food-And-Drink Destination

In such a competitive real estate market, Aurora has begun it's own rejuvenation. When developers discovered the 62-year-old building with 100,000 square foot space, they envisioned a new community hub. The Stanley Marketplace will have a community atmosphere for businesses and neighbors.

Valuing creative, thoughtful, and sustainable ideas, you can be sure the Stanley Marketplace will operate a bit differently! Now it is one of the most anticipated openings, even making Zagat's Top 15 U.S. Openings. According to the review released by Zagat, Stanley Marketplace should become Denver's "hottest new mixed-use food-and-drink-focused destination."


A New Community Hub

The marketplace will feature "neighborhoods" based on themes such as retail, grocery, fitness, and more. Zagat has already reported Stanley Marketplace will be home to the Big Wonderful, a festival and outdoor marketplace of vendors, food trucks, craft beer, and artisanal food. A brewery, bakery, yoga studio and a dentist will also be among the first tenants.

Originally meant to open in late 2015, but the date has been moved back several times. At this time developers expect the marketplace to be ready by the summer.


Appealing To Home Buyers And Sellers

There's no doubt the Stanley Marketplace will be a game changer in the Aurora area! The surrounding neighborhoods will have a revived appeal to home buyers seeking a hip community. Naturally this Aurora area will increase in value, which will be welcomed news to homeowners looking to sell!


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