Three Ways An Appraisal Saves You Money

You're on the hunt for the house of your dreams! A property with every amenity you desire, in a perfect location and at the right price. When you find a house which fits much of your criteria, it's important you hire a professional home inspector to do an appraisal. Here's why….


Discover the Home's Current & Potential Problems

A professional home inspector is going to evaluate the entire home, from the electrical to the roof, and tell you everything that is wrong with the property. For example one of the most dangerous parts of owning a home is the risk of mold growth in the house. Mold is very easily hidden, but with a home inspection you can find out if mold already exists and how much damage the mold has done on the home.


Consider If The Home Is In Your Budget

So knowing what is wrong with a house before you buy gives you the best understanding of potential costs in the future. This helps you decide if the home is something you still want to purchase.


Negotiate The Asking Price Or Contract Terms

Now you can determine if the asking price fits well with any repairs or replacements that you might have to put money into overtime. If the appraisal is significantly less than the asking price, you'll have to decide if you want to negotiate the price, bring more cash to the table or walk away from the deal.


As you can see the cost of a home inspection may run you hundreds of dollars, but in the end you could be saving much more money!


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Posted on June 5, 2016 at 11:05 pm
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