Windermere is Bursting at the Seams

For years now, the economy has been extremely sluggish and hard to predict. But now, things seem to be heading in the opposite direction with bright prospects on the horizon. This is especially true of the real estate market that is starting to show signs of bouncing back significantly.

In the Metro Denver area during 2016, there were over $22 billion in total sales, which translates to a 9% increase from the year before. Because of the vigorous sales, more people are looking to cash in on this by putting their house on the market. More houses is an opportunity for more real estate agents, which means Windermere Real Estate is expanding.

We now have five offices and are looking to recruit people who are interested in choosing a career in the exciting world of real estate. We are currently recruiting for our 4 locations that have opened this year: Boulder, Littleton, Aurora and our new expansion in Palm Springs, California.

For years, the Denver area has been a hotspot for real estate development and listings. But now, the market is expanding into formerly underdeveloped areas such as Littleton and Aurora. Windermere is expanding with those areas. As the market expands and we grow with it, we are also looking for people in the area who want to develop their skills in the real estate industry. We do this through a multi-prong approach.

First, we offer a variety of educational and training opportunities at all of our branches. That means, no matter what area you are located in, there should be a training program that you can get into. Additionally, these professional developments are available in a variety of formats including short seminars and online sessions. We try to be flexible with our opportunities for people to grow with us by giving them every opportunity at all of our branches.

Windermere feels that real estate is a business model that is a great way to create your own pathway to financial independence and success. The expansion of these new offices gives even more opportunities for people to get in on the ground level of what could possibly be the next burgeoning housing market in the country. Through our various programs now in both Colorado and California including our Leadership Academies, you can begin a new career in a field that you can truly allow you to thrive.

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Business Planning Advice for Real Estate Agents

Your business plan is the GPS for your career. It’s the path that will lead you to success, and one you shouldn’t ignore. Knowing the steps to take when business planning can make all the difference in the outcome. These tips will help ensure that you are on your way to success.

Develop Attainable Goals

You should figure out your personal, business, and financial goals.

Personal Goals

Personal goals will cover where you want to improve, things or events you want to save up for, something you want to try, etc.

Business Goals

A business goal can be something as simple as becoming a better public speaker or as complicated as building a detailed marketing plan with email automation and getting in depth with social media advertising. Education and development also falls under this umbrella. You should always be learning something about your business.

Financial Goals

You’ll need to know your current lifestyle and living expenses. Then figure out how much you budget for advertising and other business expenses. A basic list includes email marketing software, desk fees, commission splits and transaction fees, printing costs, Facebook advertising, website and landing pages, NAR dues, and more.

Next, you’ll want to set aside a lead generation and nurturing budget. Email marketing and automation is a great place to start. Will you use postcards, door hanger campaigns, billboards, or sites like Whatever you decide, make sure you take those costs into account as well.

Financial Plan to Action Plan

Once you have your expenses, it’s time to develop a realistic financial plan. Take your total expenses for the year and divide by twelve. This gives you the amount you need per month to maintain your lifestyle. You need to determine how many deals you must close to reach that monthly goal. Let’s say you require 26 deals a year to break even. That’s one close every two weeks. If you have variable expenses, add one or two more closes to compensate. This is the point where you determine if you’re being overly ambitious.

Now that you know how many you’ll have to close, it’s time to figure out the number of leads you’ll need to generate per week. Consider the idea that it will take 30 warm leads to generate one close. Cold leads, those who are months away from purchasing a home, may take even more. In our example, we would need 15-30 warm leads or 40-60 cold leads per week.

Now it’s time to create action steps. What will you do every week to ensure you gain new leads? It’s time to figure out how you stand apart in your area. You want three to five action items per day. Engagement on social media, cold calls, and creating automated sequences for your mailing list are just some ideas to get you started.

Once you have a warm lead, it’s up to you to convert them into clients and close deals. It’s a good idea to know your competition, average sales and rental prices in the area, local demographics, and more.


Remember that your business plan is a living document that adapts with you. As your business grows, it’s normal to shift strategies, reevaluate goals, and make changes to your plan.

Keep your business plan close at hand and go over it every quarter to ensure you maintain your goals.

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Reasons You Should Join Windermere Denver

Windermere has always prided itself on three basic principles: hire the best people, give them the best tools, and create thriving communities. Windermere Denver provides a proven process for business growth and development. Our systems and tools are designed to increase your profitability while enhancing your industry expertise so you can take your business to the next level. We do this through quality education, interactive support, by keeping your training focused, and providing an elite experience you can’t find anywhere else.


We have always placed a priority on education. Each course is taught by industry professionals who bring integrity and expertise to the classroom and online. We know that every phase of your career is critical, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Live Learning:

We offer multiple professional development locations within Colorado to fit your needs. From half-day courses to week-long workshops, and network-wide symposiums, we give you the connections and personalized training that only a live, in-person setting can provide. Here are several locations where we offer our services:

  • Aurora
  • Cherry Creek
  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Littleton

Windermere offers pre-licensing and continuing education courses in several education centers within our network. A majority of these courses are state-approved, so you get quality education while satisfying mandatory education requirements.

Online Training:

Your life is busy, but that doesn’t mean your education should suffer. Windermere has partnered with OnCourse Learning to provide our agents access to Continuing Education courses through their ProSchools and Career WebSchool campuses. We also offer supplemental courses and additional training for certain states in our  Pre-License classes. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you choose in-person classes or online training, our support network is second-to-none in helping you stay on the path to success.


Whether it’s through our education programs or our Leadership Academy, Windermere prides itself on helping you find your path to success. Several of our programs offer customized one-on-one coaching. Our community is dedicated to maintaining quality and integrity, and we are devoted to ensuring your continued education and development.

Training Focused

By using innovative tools and technologies, we can hone our skills to keep up with today’s mobile-focused buying experience. Our Professional Development programs ensure that our agents receive only the best training in the industry.

Elite Experience

Our proven success systems are based on many years of real-life, on-the-ground experience. Our Leadership Academy is one of the ways we do this. We want to help you and the agents in your office lead an inspired, high-performing, and profitable life.

Join Windermere Denver today and take the first step toward the career you deserve.

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Spotlight on the Windermere Foundation

The Windermere Foundation was created to help support low-income and homeless families within our communities. We started as a grass-root foundation based in Washington State in 1989 and have continued to grow with each passing year. We are now active in 10 states across the United States and have raised an astounding $33 million dollars in support for our partner programs and organizations. We have been able to help more people than we ever imagined and it is all attributed to our incredible Windermere agents, employees, and community members.

How do we do what we do?

Our incredible Windermere Real Estate agents donate a portion of their commissions for every home that they sell to our non-profit Windermere Foundation. Every single agent participates in this give back program as well as many of our other employees and members in our communities. In 2016 alone our supporters were able to raise $2.2 million dollars! These donations are utilized by our individual offices to support local non-profits with in their communities. By allowing our offices to choose which organizations they help, their specific communities are able to receive the type of support that they need most and our agents become increasingly more committed to their cause.

Who do we help?

The Windermere Foundation helps support a large variety of programs and services. These services are focused on assisting low-income and homeless families to improve their quality of life and get back on their feet again. Families are able to receive support for basic human needs like food and clothing, but also for housing, education, counseling, and school programs. Our goal has always been to improve the quality of life for families and help their children grow up with opportunities for success.

Practical ways that our offices support their communities include donating to food banks, providing school supplies for students, donating clothing, shoes, and blankets to keep warm in the winter, and even fulfilling wishes through Make-A-Wish programs. Additionally this year we began a new partnership with the Seattle Seahawks to support homeless youth. For every home game tackle the Seahawks made during the 2016 football season, Windermere donated $100 to YouthCare. YouthCare is a non-profit organization that provides necessary needs for our homeless youth. This partnership resulted in an impressive $35,000 of financial support for YouthCare at the end of the season!

We will continue to partner with successful local non-profits in our communities and support our families in every way we can. It has been an honor to watch so many lives be positively impacted over the past 27 years and hope to continue to do so for at least another 27 years to come!

Check out our blog for more tips or contact us for advice:

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The Windermere Philosophy and Purpose: We Are in the Business of Putting Families in Homes

In 2016, over 560k people were homeless. Of those, 206k were families living in the streets. Youth and young adults make up 141k of those numbers. While there are emergency shelters, transitional housing, and safe havens that offer transitional assistance, there are very few organizations working to get families back in homes. We want to change that.

Since our first preparations for launch back in 1988, The Windermere Foundation wanted to expand our giving-back-to-the-community philosophy. We have developed a strong tradition of putting families back in homes. This mission aligns with our business purpose, and allows us to focus 100% of our efforts on those in need. Whether we are helping families who don’t have a place to live, providing services to the children of those who are homeless, or helping homeless parents care for themselves and their family, our mission remains the same.

Our specific focus allows us to make a bigger impact. Concentrated giving provides a greater control of how money is spent within a program and project. The beautiful part of our Foundation is seeing immediate results of our efforts in both the community and among our ranks and contributors.

Our united giving program has received extensive media attention and financial support. Even better, we see the direct impact in our local community as people are given a second chance at stability.

Less than 5% of every dollar contributed to the foundation goes toward administration costs, paving the path to a more meaningful, results-driven impact.

We agree that there are many wonderful organizations and causes in need. While we wish we could help everyone, splitting our funds will take away from the capabilities of our organization. We champion this cause because it is near and dear to our hearts and, as a Real Estate company, this is something that aligns with our vision and purpose.

Putting families in homes is what we do. Whether it’s using traditional methods, or through the Windermere Foundation, we are dedicated and driven to providing the best possible service.

The Windermere Foundation works well with Community Service Day events or office holiday giving programs. Our love of community is a personal touch that creates a powerful and lasting benefit. Your donations guarantee impact that you can see and guarantee that everyone wins.

We stand by our philosophy and are grateful to those who light the way to success. The homeless in America is not just a statistic. It’s our community.

Check out our blog for more tips or contact us for advice:

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10 Ways To Avoid Holiday Fire Hazards ~ Windermere Metro Denver Real Estate


The holidays can be a fun break from the daily grind as we get busy decorating, cooking, shopping and festivities. But with the change of routine, there’s actually a spike in hazardous accidents. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports from late November through January, there is a spike in house fires caused by Christmas trees, candles, lights and holiday cooking.

There are some simple steps to assure your household’s safety during this special time of the year.

1) Keep your tree watered

Live Christmas trees can dry out pretty fast in the Colorado winter. So to keep it fresh, cut the tree’s base before putting it into a sturdy stand.  Then water it daily so the needles remain moist.

2) Double-check your lights

It’s really important to only use outdoor lights when you decorate outside! Inspect them for fraying, damage and wear.  If wires are showing through the insulation or sockets/connections are cracked or loose, do not use the lights. Also strands can overheat and fail if you plug more than three strands together.

3) Plan the home fire escapes

Every room should have two exits in case of a fire.  Be sure your smoke detectors are all working too.

4) Have a carbon monoxide detector

In Colorado a CO detector is required in every home with a fuel burning heater or appliance, a fireplace, or an attached garage. The detector must be installed less than 15 feet from every bedroom/sleeping area entrance.

5) Clear 3 Feet around Flames

Be sure all materials are at least 3 feet away from your fire place (even Christmas stockings).  And don’t leave candles unattended.

6) Toss, don’t burn wrapping paper

After gifts are unwrapped, be sure to recycle it. Burning it can clog the chimney or become a fire hazard.

7) Check extension cords

Use laboratory-approved extension cords, just like your lights.  You actually shouldn’t staple, tape or run them under rugs.  Don’t overload your electrical outlets.

8) Safely place the Christmas tree

Be sure your tree is away from fireplaces, vents and other heat sources and does not block pathways or room exits.

9) Decorate your tree safely

Tree ornaments can actually be a choking hazard, so watch using small ones. Be sure they don’t puncture the wiring of the tree lights.

10) Cook with caution

When you have multiple burners and the stove cooking at once, watch out for the hot surfaces and overflowing pots/pans. Of course never use a turkey deep fryer indoors.


For more online resources about holiday fire safety, check out the U.S. Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Administration.


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This Fall Our Market Remained Robust!

November 2016 Infograph

Well, the market has dipped into “off-season mode,” though it’s kept up QUITE an active and strong pace! Last month fewer homeowners put their properties on the market. Transactions naturally slowed down a little bit. However, average sales prices hovered around the same numbers for the second month in a row (and still nearly 10% better than October of 2015).

With the election over, will our metro area experience any strong fluctuations in the real estate market? Tune in next month to find out! As always I’m here to provide you personal insight and an expert plan for your real estate needs! After all the holidays can be the right time to buy and sell.


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5 Mortgage Blunders To Avoid

Big and small mortgage missteps can cost you thousands of dollars! So AVOID these blunders:

1) Big banks aren’t always the right option.
Big banks may not know our local market or how to handle unusual financial circumstances.

2) Delaying to secure a good rate.
Rates can shift in a matter of hours! A small increase can be thousands of more dollars.

3) Skipping chances to make extra payments.
One extra payment a year on your loan can shave off years of interest!

4) Making “small” credit mistakes.
If you plan to refinance, one mistake or certain financial change can drop your FICO score.

5) Not tracking mortgage rates.
Not jumping on low rates means you could be missing out on major savings!

Check out more tips at my blog!
Or contact me today about your real estate needs.

Learn more at or contact us for advice or a consultation:
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What is going on with our market??

October 2016 Infograph

In years past, the Metro Denver’s market has slowed down during the fall. But after this summer, MORE homeowners decided to list their properties!! They weren’t moving quite as fast off of the market (which IS normal for the season). BUT what’s got people’s attention: the average appreciation has slightly dipped for the THIRD month in a row!
This generates all sorts of questions:

  • Is the Metro Denver market reaching its price-point ceiling?
  • Are more sellers listing to ensure they get the best return?
  • Buyers, is this your most OPTIMAL time to find the right home??

If you’ve questions, let’s talk today!

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8 Tips To Impress Buyers Who Tour Your Home ~ Windermere Metro Denver Real Estate

One of homeowners concerns when selling their home are the tours. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll need to do when we let you know that buyers are popping by!

Interested in learning more about the selling process?
Learn how we can help you at our website.
Or talk with us today about your real estate needs.

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